Black titanium ringAbout Black Titanium Rings

A black titanium ring uniquely symbolizes individuality and strength. This beautiful example of a black titanium ring is just one of many styles available in the revolutionary Black Ti™ patented process which takes titanium jewelry to an exciting new level. After 15 years of development, the rich luster of black has been captured in titanium. Unlike plating or coating procedures this process in fact alters the molecular structure of the titanium to create a finish impervious to typical wear and scratching. Black-Ti™ is the only non-coated, completely nickel-free and inert titanium alloy that can be processed to black. Black-Ti™ is a registered trademark of Spectore Corporation.

The diamond in this black titanium ring is set using a technique called "tension" setting. This means that the high tensile strength of the black titanium ring actually holds the stone in place. This is only possible because black titanium rings are highly resistant to spreading during normal wear.

Some Internet retailers are selling what they call "black titanium" jewelry, which is NOT the same as Black Ti™! Black Ti™ jewelry is not a surface coating that can wear off like other supposed "black titanium" products. Instead, it is actually part of the metal and is permanent.

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Example of black titanium ring
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